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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Florence, Day 7

San Marco

San Miniato al Monte

We made it to San Marco Church where the famous friar lived, worked, prayed and Bible-thumped.  It was also where he was under house arrest till his hanging and burning.  Some of his followers met the same fate.  We visited the cell where he was held, saw his study, several busts and paintings of him, and some clothing of his, including pieces worn on day of execution (guessing).  Afterwards, it was cappuccinos, pastries and pizza, all at a cafe with a view of the church.  

The well-talked about Florentine steak, grilled rare.  This restaurant was a little ways from the Duomo.

Kade and I were a little tipsy as we made our way back tonight.  It was the first time I put the question to her, but I just had to know what she found most amazing about Florence.  She said, "I would not say the buildings, because we saw great ones in Russia and Buenos Aires, too.  I would say the gelato and David."

For me, based on excitement level: David, Gelato, the viewpoints above Florence, the Medici Chapels, Santa Croce, and the fact we did not have to drive.

A few memorable experiences in Florence:

1.  The other day an older Asian lady was struggling trying to take a selfie on a bridge. I offered to take her photo with her phone.  I took two or three, told her to change poses for a few more, then afterwards she gave me the sweetest hug.

2.  Today, at the top of the Duomo, a young student from Croatia had struggled just proving she had a ticket, then made it to the top, only to be sitting while others were taking photos.  We talked with her, and she said her phone battery died.  We told her we'd take photos of her, then email them later.  She said it made her day!  She studies in Milan. 

3.  And on the bus the other day, a young Indian guy and girl who had just arrived in town on holiday, had no small change for their tickets, and the bus driver was unable to give them change for their larger bills for some reason.  They asked around for change, and when I thought about it, I said, "Hey, let me just buy your tickets." Small amount, but they seemed very appreciative.  We had noticed at stops, inspectors would get on to make sure people had them!

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