Hiking in the Cinque Terre

Monday, September 24, 2018

Paris, Day 5

We ordered a Thai lunch at this little restaurant near us.  It was so good!

Our apartment was in this building - around the other side.

These cats mesmerized me!

In both images you can see me standing by the door to our apartment building.  One evening Kade and I had Italian at the restaurant over to my right.  In fact, it was a very funny experience.  We sat outside at the table closest to our apartment.  Once we paid our bill, we took two steps backwards and were already punching in the security code.  Made us laugh!

This is a restaurant we thought our friend in Asheville had recommended.  Hers, though, was across the street.  But Les Editeurs was outstanding.  I highly recommend it.

I have never liked olives, at least the type on pizzas in the USA.  However, eating them fresh like this gave me a new perspective.  They can be quite tasty.  In a different setting - for example, when traveling - it's likely you will give something another try.  You might even come to really love it!  Looking back, there were a number of items I didn't like because an adult around me didn't like them.  Talking about when I was growing up, of course.  Or, maybe there was truly a bad experience with something:  an item not fresh or of low quality or prepared in a manner that wasn't ideal for me. 

Kade had fish, and I had calf's liver and mashed potatoes.  Those are raspberries on top.  I love liver, and this was as good as I have ever had.  And the potatoes were just delicious.

Kade got a pistachio tart, and I ordered a meringue topped with fruits.  Truly, truly amazing.

at the tomb of the unknown soldier

I jokingly told somebody back home, when I emailed him this image, that I was waiting for him to pick us up at this spot in Paris!

This flower was given to us by a young couple from Holland.  I hope they remember to reach out to us!  Kade, as you can see, is the best subject to photograph.  And the Eiffel Tower was the perfect pairing!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Paris, Day 6

This metro wall ad is for my brother, who loves classy and sophisticated Paris yet laughed hysterically at Mr. Timberlake's attire during the Super Bowl performance.  How 'bout combining the two?!?!

I was photographing the guy's basketball shoes.  Either he's a tourist or an American-styled Parisian!

I had been thinking about visiting Cimetière du Père Lachaise for the longest.  Back in 1994, a friend of mine who was my roommate in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, went to Western Europe to visit his family over the Christmas holidays.  When he returned, one of the things he mentioned was Jim Morrisson's grave being in Paris. At the time, I didn't know that.  I'm not sure he went to it, or if he just heard about it.  But it planted a little seed.  Over the years, I watched the movie The Doors and then bought a pirated greatest hits of The Doors while in Bangkok (circa 2001).  And whenever there was a rockumentary about The Doors, I'd watch them.  So this trip to Paris, I was determined to find Jim Morrison's grave.  As it turns out, there were many more to see in Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  It was mainly just a matter of finding them!  Ultimately, Kade and I saw the nine graves we intended to see.  And despite it looking hopeless at first (we had no map in hand, and no wi-fi to guide us along), we ended up accomplishing this feat.  And in good time.

Chopin's grave

Oscar Wilde's grave

the main entrance to the cemetery

pretty amazing pate

a bone marrow dish

The starter dishes above we got at Le Comptoir.  Once we were done with them, we moved across the street to easily our favorite restaurant experience, which was at Les Editeurs.  We went there twice it was so good.  Both of these restaurants are popular, yet we were able to get in without reservations, and quickly.  You probably wouldn't want to chance that on a weekend, or later in the evening when possibly most people dine.

The steak was excellent; and the fries even more so.

There was a  busker who walked up behind Kade about this time and photobombed one of my images.  His music was nice, but he was primarily entertaining guests who were lucky to have sidewalk tables.  He must have seen me snap that photo, because when he was done, it was like he motioned for me to give him money.  I wasn't going to walk out there, and I didn't ask for him to step into my photo.  I just looked away.  I heard him say something negative, then walk slowly away.  I looked back towards him as he was walking on, and he was clearly mumbling something.  He was upset.  This is part of traveling.

See him?

When you stare into space after finishing off your dessert, it's probably a good time to think about departing Paris.  They do sweets right!!!

famous cat inside Shakespeare & Co.

I love Paris' metro, but at more than a few stations we noticed that it's in a pretty sad state.  Let's hope the city and people can figure it out.  It's one of the oldest and most used metros in the world.  For people traveling in Paris, it's easy to grasp, and safe, I felt.