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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wat Arun & Grand Palace

Shortly after I arrived back in Bangkok from an extended time in the USA, I took a day and toured a couple of the city's most visited landmarks:  Wat Arun & the Grand Palace.   Wat Arun is one of the city's oldest temples, and it's a must-see.  The Grand Palace is Thailand's Taj Mahal, and on the palace grounds are incredible national treasures and artifacts.  The most renown symbol is the Emerald Buddha, which is displayed in one of the palace temples, Wat Phra Kaew.
In the photos I am with a young lady who was kind enough to help me a while back when I was struggling mailing out some packages at a local post office.  We kept in touch via e-mail for long period, then she and her sister offered to take me to some of the city's attractions.   I had seen the Grand Palace five years earlier.  But, being that I really didn't know anything about the country and its history, I didn't truly appreciate what I was seeing.   This time it was different.  It just shows you how time, experience and a bit of knowledge alter our perceptions.
On the day we were out, it was extremely hot and there were a lot of tourists, many of them bused over from the city's fine hotels.

and then later at the Grand Palace 

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