Hiking in the Cinque Terre

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Paris, Day 3

I was thinking back on my high school trip in 1987 when my French teacher accidentally knocked over some kind of railing near Napoleon's tomb.  The story, I'm sure, has been embellished over the years.  I jokingly tell her that I remember Napoleon's bones scattering about, and that to this day they have barred her from ever returning to Dome des Invalides.

I listened when friends said we should go to the Rodin Museum.  It might have been our favorite cultural experience in Paris.

This man is a Thai actor Kade remembered.  He was a child and teen star back in the late 80s/early 90s.  May still act.  He and his fiance were in Paris for a wedding photo shoot.  From my understanding, the wedding itself would take place in Bangkok.  In coming weeks, I will provide more background to this fascinating chance sighting.

This couple was having trouble with their phone.  I took images of them, gave them my card and told them how to reach me and this blog.  I would love to hear from them!

I have always had an interest in the Second World War and the leaders of that era.  A friend told me about this Churchill monument, and I just had to see it.

It was very important for me to return to this Moroccan restaurant in The Marais.  I had eaten there a few times with my brother back in 2004, and had given some Thai currency to the owner.  It's still owned by the same man.  Unfortunately, he was out when we stopped by.  But I explained the story to his stepson, and gave a contact card with my blog info on it.  I hope he gets in touch!  Delicious food.  Nice people.

This cafe near our apartment was outstanding.  I wished we had known about it sooner.  Their homemade lemonades and lemonade slushies were fabulous.  They had so many different types!!  But what won me over was the chocolate lava cake with delicious whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce.

Put in over 10 miles in a day!