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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rooftop Bar, Sunset & Drone

What Asheville, North Carolina (USA) is to craft beer breweries, Bangkok is to rooftop bars.  The number is even about the same.  And one of the best aspects of Bangkok is that it's so large and so spread out, you could go to each of the rooftop bars and see the skyline in a very different way - all fabulous.  Our most recent trip there, Kade and I decided to experience the sunset at 360 Rooftop Bar at Millennium Hilton.  We went on a Monday evening, and got there a couple of hours before sunset. We pretty much had the place to ourselves, which was quite a surprise considering how crowded everything else is.  In the end, though, we were able to relax more - not always an easy thing in Bangkok.  I also had greater access to take more images and shoot videos.  The video has been up a while on YouTube, but I had so many images - and many were very good - it took a very long time to narrow them down.  I certainly wanted to share 360 views in both still image form and video, and I have done that. Towards the end of our stay at the bar, a curious thing happened:  a Japanese man came up and launched his drone!  I included several photos of him and his drone, and with his permission I added some of what the drone's camera captured that evening, and a unique piece of his work.

looking up at the hotel, then a view from the riverside terrace

Click here for more of Yukata Urano's work.

A very special thanks to XPAT MATT PHOTOGRAPHY for letting me post these last two impressive images of the Millennium Hilton - Bangkok.  Be sure to check out Matt's site for more fabulous images of Bangkok.

Click here for a couple's visits to rooftop bars around the world.  I used their review of the Millennium Hilton as a guide, and as motivation.

And if you want to see some amazing drone images of the Bangkok skyline, click here.

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