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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Erawan Museum

For a few years I had been desiring to visit the Erawan Museum.  I always thought it was the Erawan Temple, but I was wrong.  It is indeed the Erawan Musuem.  Where I am correct, though, is that inside the belly of the three-headed elephant, there is a temple, and a beautiful, almost sci-fi one. I had a very hard time narrowing down my images from our visit, and I even couldn't capture significant parts of the garden ponds and sculptures within the ponds because it was too sunny!  The grounds were spectacular, and it seemed as though, every few steps I took, I could look back up at the colossal elephant and it was another wow moment.  Tickets are around 400 baht, which seems expensive for Thailand.  And it is.  Nonetheless, you get that and more for your money.  Had it not been so hot and we didn't have other things to do, we could have poked around there much longer. The museum is definitely one-of-a-kind, and the visionary behind should be applauded.  After you look through my image set, come back and click here for more background on Erawan Museum and what it represents.  This unique museum is not going to be on the average tourist docket in Bangkok, unless you're spending more than a week in the capital. And even then, since it's on the outskirts of Bangkok, it's not going to be high priority.  With that said, it's personally one of my favorite discoveries!!!  And for those who make the pilgrimage, just know that there are casual dining options on site.  They want you to be comfortable!

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