Hiking in the Cinque Terre

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


As you ride along highways in Thailand, especially on long trips, you're going to need a pit stop. Just like in the USA, you have to fill up the car and your stomach.  These Mae Kim Lung shops have the best reputation, and you can spot one every 15 minutes or so it seems.  After you have a chance to go to the restroom, you might want a pick-and-choose meal and a drink in the cafeteria.  Then it's time to grab a cart and shop.  If you're wanting a wide selection of snacks at good prices and maybe even in bulk, shop away.  The best part to me are the samples you get to try.  I usually go for the dried fruits, followed by a stop in the custard department.  Traditional custards are made with duck eggs and coconut milk, and they are very tasty.  You can buy them at a spot like Mae Kim Lung, and they come in a single-serving size, in a square container, about an inch thick, with a spoon so that you can eat in the car if you want.  This day we were in Phetchaburi province, heading north to Bangkok.  By the way, Mae is the Thai word for Mother, and Kim Lung is simply a woman's name.

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