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Friday, March 17, 2017

Or Tor Kor Market

This trip to Bangkok I had a list of things I wanted to do.  One was to visit the Or Tor Kor Market, perhaps the city's cleanest and nicest fresh market, or farmers market.  Most Thais would say it's pricey, but for some tourists, you would be shocked at how inexpensive things are.  But even if you didn't buy anything, this market is eye candy.  It's great for people watching.  It's a way to absorb the food culture in Thailand without being overwhelmed.  You can see pretty much everything.  If it's grown or raised on a farm or swims in the sea, Or Tor Kor Market has it.  What intrigued me, too, were the number of imported fruits.  There were cantaloupes from the Japan, and grapes and apples from the United States.  Another fascinating aspect of the market - and this goes for many markets in Thailand - you can buy foods in many forms.  You want it whole and fresh, so that you can take it home?  Great.  Done.  You want the fruit peeled, opened and ready to eat on the spot?  No problem.  You like fish salted, dried or in a paste for cooking?  We have it.  You want to eat a pick-and-choose meal with options from the different regions of the country?  Take a seat.

I posted the images in the order I took them.  It's very fitting, considering my love of the durian (the "king of fruits"), that I start with a truck filled with durians, and I end with a image of me eating some durian.  Durian is not in season, and therefore when you find it right now, it's a certain variety that's very expensive.  The little bit that I bought was 260 baht - under $10 US, but much higher than what it would cost other times of the year.  But boy was it good!  And the meal I had - on that plate - was pork with boiled eggs (five spice seasoning) and stir-fried pumpkin.  It looks a bit messy, but the flavors were amazing.  That was my lunch, and only $2 US.  So not everything at Or Tor Kor Market is expensive.

This video is by Bangkok Fatty.   I recommend his vlogs and Mark Wein's vlogs (all on YouTube), if you have an interest in Thai food and traveling.  Mark also has done some romping around Or Tor Kor Market, and it was one of his vlogs that peaked my interest.  On his website, he has an excellent review of the market.  You can find it here.

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