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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Not Your Average Food Court

Kade and I had not been back in Bangkok but a few days, and our bodies were still adjusting to the 12-hour time difference.  As a result, we would be up super early in the morning (say 4 AM) and would be craving a big meal.  One of the first spots we thought we'd hit was Tesco Lotus, hypermarket similar in size and scope to Walmart in the USA.   If you need something, they have it.  One facet of Tesco Lotus that's different than Walmart is that they have a wonderful food court.  Unlike food courts in the USA, which tend to serve unhealthy foods of gargantuan proportions, Tesco Lotus food courts and virtually any food court you find in Thailand - supermarkets have them, malls have tremendous ones - serve up very tasty meals at great prices.  And if you happened to be in Thailand touring around and you're afraid of street food or don't feel like going to a restaurant, stop in a mall or a Tesco Lotus or Big C and head straight for the food court.  You will not be disappointed!  This particular trip, we went to Tesco Lotus (Pinklao branch) just as they opened one morning.  And again, we were very hungry.  So we ordered a hearty meal for breakfast.  Kade got noodles, and I got a very delicious and flavorful crispy pork with basil, topped with a fried egg.  It was made to order in a wok, and it was just fabulous.  Over the course of time in Bangkok, we went back to this very food court at least three times.  And even though I had harped on desiring to always try different dishes, that crispy pork (deep-fried pork belly) kept calling.  In front of Kade's family, I said if Kade ever leaves me, I would marry that food court cook.  They laughed.

Right outside of Tesco Lotus is a Cha Payom kiosk.  And I saw them all over Bangkok.  As you can see, they serve a variety of drinks.  I tried the iced coffee, Thai tea with milk and my favorite, pink milk, which really is just a flavored syrup and probably a bit of condensed milk added to milk and poured over ice.  When it got hot - and it did - I really wanted sugary drinks for some reason.

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