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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Checking Things Out

If you have ever wondered what happened to AUA Rajdamri in Bangkok, here you go.  It was closed some years ago, then razed to the ground.  As you can see, the lot is now being readied for new construction - likely a hi-rise of some kind.  I got curious about the fruit lady, who used to have cart in front of the entrance to AUA the years I worked there (2000-2003).  On a couple of visits to Bangkok in the years after, I would walk by and say hello to her.  I was certainly a regular customer of hers once before. Anyway, I looked for her this time.  And in front the old AUA site, there was one food vendor, and just inside the construction site gates, there was a coffee/drinks kiosk....but not my fruit lady.  So I kept walking towards Lumpini Park, and when I got to the first road to the left, I walked down a bit to see if she might have relocated to that street. Sure enough, there she was!  I said a few things in Thai, and she recognized me.  I then asked her if I could take her photo.  My old workplace might have changed, but the fruit lady remains!

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