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Thursday, October 1, 2015

When in Turkey, Do as the Turks

I am always intrigued when anyone takes a trip to an exotic locale. Turkey is one such place! In fact, from what I have been told, Turkey is very, very fascinating. So, when I heard from a Headland, Alabama resident that she had gone on a trip to Turkey, I just had to inquire further. Here are some photos from Monica Locke's visit to the former Ottoman Empire.
Monica Locke and Laura Feig Smoak in front of the Domabache.
The Domaboche was the home of the Sultans until Turkey became a republic.

Independence Street in Taksim

Chuck and Monica Locke (in the middle) with their friends. That bridge connects the European side of Istanbul with the Asian side of the city.
The Hagia Sophia .....Take note of the red tulip. A little known fact: Although tulips are associated with Holland, both the flower and its name originated in the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

The Blue Mosque of Istanbul

Captions provided by Monica.

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