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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gifts for Mom

Except for a couple of items in these pics, these items are what I bought for my mother while traveling over the years.  Some of it I mailed to her.  The rest I gave to her in person.  When I was backpacking around Asia, I couldn't carry my purchases from place to place, so I decided that the best thing to do was mail packages home just as I was leaving each country.  I'd have things for myself, items for my dad, sometimes something for my sister and stepmother, and of course something special for my mom, who was going to safekeep it all.  When Mother passed away five years ago, her will stated she wanted each of her children to get back whatever gifts we'd given her over the years before we divided up the rest of her things.  All these things came back to me, and they mean a lot.

Jewelry Box, India
Jewelry Box, Uzbekistan
Jewelry Box, Uzbekistan
Tiny jewelry box, Russia
Nesting Dolls, Russia
Big Painting, Uzbekistan
Small painting, Uzbekistan
Small Bohemian crystal vase, Czech Republic
Ornamental Thai dessert display, Thailand
Artificial fruits, Thailand
 Silk Runners, Thailand
Small Oriental screen, South Korea
Jim Thompson Placemats,Thailand
Jim Thompson elephant prints, Thailand
Framed Japanese Bathhouse print, Japan
Balinese dolls, Indonesia
Silk Rug, India (She actually bought this!)
Elephant Round-Up portrait, Thailand
Elephant brooch, Thailand
Thai Temples book
Thai Palaces book
Dos and Don'ts in Thailand book
Bali pictorial
Jim Thompson book, Thailland
Napkins, Thailand




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