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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seafood Dinner Outside Bangkok

After a long, hot day of visiting temples, Kade and one of her friends (+ daughter) and I left Bangkok and drove about an hour towards the Gulf of Thailand - the Bang Khun Thien District.  In an area rich with mangrove forests, shrimp farms, brine salt ponds and fresh seafood markets, we soon were on a stretch of highway lined with restaurants extending out (on stilts) into the mangrove forest waters (bayous).  Kade's friend Puk had a particular restaurant in mind.  And although we didn't have a reservation for a prime seating area, the manager made a big exception and worked us in simply because Kade and Puk "encouraged" her by saying, "Our guest from the US is here with us, and we want to really impress him."  So sometimes it's very rewarding to be a foreigner!  As expected, we had a delicious meal with all the fixings, and then to top if off, we got to see an incredible sunset. 

I have more video footage to add once I change out the music that was playing in the vehicle and at the restaurant during times when I was filming.  Don't want to get into any more trouble with YouTube!

Grilled Prawns (a plate of 15 medium [large back home] for 400 baht, or $13 US)
Fried Sea Bass with spicy-sour green mango dressing
Marinated Raw Prawns (marinade - fish sauce, garlic, lime, chilies, mint, shallots)
Crab Fried Rice
Stir-fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce
Coconut (to drink, and then scoop out and eat the "meat")
fresh lemonade and lime sodas



click here to explore the coastline in Bang Khun Thien

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  1. Only one word comes to mind describing that meal, WOW! Lucky, lucky you for a multitude of reasons.