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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Questioning Presidents

An e-mail to someone who communicated with me a lot during the 2008 campaign:

If you have time, listen to this question and answer session.  You can scroll to see when it starts with a sit-down with Madeleine Albright and then it goes to a Q & A with journalists.  Notice how difficult the questions are and how in-depth Russian President Medvedev goes into answering them.  Also, notice the papers and networks that ask questions.  These would be all the "liberals" according to you.  Not to beat a dead moose, but I personally think it's very fair for any leader of any country to be asked these kinds of questions.  I could see Obama, McCain and Biden fielding these.  But Palin could not.  Again, though, think about this:  If we are putting questions like this to a leader of a foreign country, we wouldn't label them liberal questions.  They would just be questions.  And, hopefully, the harder they are, the better.  Well, notice Medvedev doesn't dodge them or blame the media for playing gotcha.  =)


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