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Friday, March 14, 2014

Pskov, Russia

Check out this quaint town of 200,000 in Western Russia.  The photo above is stunning.  This city has a recorded history that goes back 1100 years.  At one time, this region was not under the authority of the newly crown Russian czars.  in fact, the "prince" who ruled it was contemplating moving from orthodox to Catholicism (aligning with Poland and Lithuania).  But, one of the Ivans (the terrible, I think) ransacked this town and the growing area of Muscovy kingdom continued expanding.  the tradition when conquering towns that had a religious significance, like this one.  Often a task was to capture the huge church bell and bring it back to Moscow.  That, and if they were nice, send the prince into exile.  Many times these takeovers were not peaceful, and a lot of blood was shed.  Today these towns are often museums and simply relics of the past, without any major commercial activity.  Oh, the walls you see...the fortress really...is a kremlin.  So the word kremlin means fortress ,and kremlins can be found all over Russia.  The most notable of course:   Moscow.  For more photos of Pskov, click here.   For a look at Twelve Russian Kremlins, click here.

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