Kade kneels next to a stream formed by the San Francisco Glacier, about two hours outside Santiago, Chile.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Slava's Family Dacha

Slava is a Russian I met in Asheville a few years ago at one of the local library branches.  He was working for a summer at the Grove Park Inn, and, like me, was utilizing the library's free internet service.  I'd see him there from time-to-time.  Although, We never really hung out at all, we have stayed in touch via Facebook now that he's back in Russia.  Since I am fond of dachas (Russian country homes), I thought I would share a couple of images Slava had posted on Facebook.  In photo one, he's the young boy flexing his muscles.  The shadow and potatoes in the second image presented a nice contrast, so that's why I chose it.  Of course, when I think of a hearty Russian meal, I think of beets, cabbage and potatoes!  To learn about the history of dachas and how they are treasured in the New Russia, click here.

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