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Monday, March 4, 2013


Considering that I was not feeling well most of my time in Bangkok - fighting a serious bout with the flu and then a secondary throat infection - big plans, like traveling to Japan for a couple of weeks or at a minimum traveling solo around Thailand, perhaps going to Pai and Mae Hong Son in the Northwest and the dinosaur archaelogical site and museum in Khon Khan, all had to be canceled.

Towards the end of our vacation in Bangkok, I made a list of things that I most enjoyed this trip.  It seemed to me, whether staying in the room or wandering about in the neighborhood or taking the sky train to parts of the city quite far from where we stayed, what ended up invigorating me, and what boosted my morale the most, were comfort foods.  Therefore, when I made my list, everything fit predictably into the food and drink category.

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Living in Thailand almost five years, and then going back for visits fairly regularly since we "migrated" to Asheville, makes it also worthwhile to take stock of what facets of life in Thailand (in particular, Bangkok) that I don't like or simply find disturbing.  Of course, countries, like human beings, have much to admire and leave lots to be desired.
1.  the bar girl scene, and the pervasiveness of prostitution
2.  air and street level pollution
3.  the protection of free thought and speech
4.  pressures on women to attain/maintain an almost unreachable standard of beauty
5.  overcrowding, and lack of personal space and privacy that results
6.  pervasive corruption in political and business spheres
7.  abject poverty and lack of social safety nets that force people (and children) to beg
8.  time lost in traffic jams
9.  lack of effective urban planning
10. in-your-face, 24/7, commercialization

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