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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kana's Gifts

Kana's family in Kyoto!!!! 

Kana and Kade were classmates at the ELI in at The University of Alabama in 2004. Naturally, I also got to know Kana very well, and she was one of many students that spent time with us, whether BBQing in the backyard, making weekly runs to Walmart, road trippin' to B'ham to see a circus or visiting my hometown, Headland, AL. 

After their studies were over, Kana returned to Japan, and Kade and I traveled up to NYC before heading back to the Bangkok, where Kade would start the permanent resident visa process at the US Embassy. Before reaching Bangkok, we decided to spend three weeks in South Korea and also take a trip to Japan, where we could reconnect with Kana. And we did just that!!! Soon, I intend to post some more detail about that trip, because it was easily one of the best travel experiences we've had, and Kana was a big reason for it.

Before our most recent trip to Bangkok, I had decided to take a solo trip to Japan, and then reconnect with Kade in Bangkok, before returning home together. One of my key contacts in Kyoto was Kana, and she was going to meet for lunch a couple of days. Unfortunately, due to my health the first few days in Bangkok, the Japan trip had to be canceled.  My itinerary for Japan was set:
  • Arrive in Kyoto, Friday, February 1st, stay five nights (one of these days go to Nara)
  • Depart via train for Nagasaki on Wednesday morning, February 6th, stay two nights
  • Depart via bus for Fukuoka on Friday afternoon, February 8th, stay three nights
  • Fly back to Bangkok from Fukuoka, Monday, February 11th
If I am lucky, I can do this Japan journey next year, in the summer.  We will see!!!
Kana, being the friend she is, already had some gifts purchased - and in one case, personally handmade - and was ready to hand them off to me.  When she learned I couldn't come, she mailed a package to us in America.  When the package arrived, we were very happy.

More on Kade & Kana here.

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