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Friday, February 24, 2012

Starbucks in Bangkok

If I owned a share of Starbucks stock for every Iced Grande Hazelnut Latte I bought in Bangkok I would be a very rich man. For the nearly five years I lived in Bangkok, Starbucks was a prime destination point.  There are 80 plus Starbucks coffee houses in Bangkok and more than 140 in all of Thailand. 

To underscore the significance of Starbucks in Bangkok to me personally, my very first date with Kade in early 2000 began at the Siam Center Starbucks.   As I settled into life in Bangkok, my typical routine at Starbucks was sipping my iced latte as I read Thailand's two English daily newspapers (The Bangkok Post and The Nation) plus The International Herald Tribune. Later on, if I wanted something more unique, I would go to Playground Starbucks for a certain kind of music indulgence: listening to the latest pop tunes at one of their free iPod stations.  And, for some pleasurable "hang out" time with Thai friends and intellectual chats with expat colleagues and friends, Starbucks was a prime spot.

On our visit to Bangkok in 2011 I walked down Soi Thonglor and took images of two Starbucks coffee shops that I frequented very often in 2004-05. The first three images are of one Starbucks.  Here, I would meet friends like Kyoko for afternoon chats. The last image is of another Starbucks that I really liked.  It was just down the road.

And, in the image below, where the green umbrellas are, that's the Starbucks Kade and I went to on our first date.  The Siam Center.

And below is another Starbucks I frequented.  This appears to be how it looked in those years I was there.

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  1. Hi Allen. I know these three starbucks! We talked any kind of topics, didn't we? I wish if I could visit starbucks in Colombo! As there is no starbucks at all in Colombo.