Kade kneels next to a stream formed by the San Francisco Glacier, about two hours outside Santiago, Chile.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Getachew's family: son Joseph, Getachew, daughter Beselot and wife Emebet.

One of the fascinating aspects of living in Bangkok is the possibility of meeting people from all over the world. You could be having coffee next to someone from India. You could be getting a foot massage next to someone from Saudi Arabia. You could have colleagues from Australia and Wales. You could being doing a "visa run" to Cambodia, and share a seat next to someone from Germany. These are a tiny portion of the encounters I personally had in Bangkok. In some cases, it was a brief conversation. In other cases, I established some kind of relationship with those I met. One such person that fits the latter category is Getachew Sebsibe. One evening, Kade and I decided to have dinner at Gulliver's Traveler's Tavern on Sukhumvit Soi Five. I noticed a gentleman sitting by himself at a table, and we struck up a conversation. The next thing you know he was sitting at our table, and we were drinking beers and eating. Getachew is from Ethiopia, and, like Nilgun, works with with an organization that's doing some good around the world. Getachew's been working with Save the Children. Although we have only been e-mailing infrequently the past year or so, I do know that Getachew is still with this organization, and was based in India for a lengthy period of time. He did hint that his family might be relocated to to Bangkok at some point. Take a look at this interesting video of Ethiopia to get a feel for what his home country is like.

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