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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Republic of Burundi

In June 2008, Nilgun (on the left in image one) set off for the central African nation, Burundi. See if you can spot Burundi on the map. Nilgun traveled there as a representative of GAVI Alliance, an organization that supports vaccines and immunization around the world. She was initiating dialogue about new funding made available to civil society organizations in Burundi. I asked Nilgun for her first impressions of the tiny Central Afican nation, and she remarked, "I had no idea what a beautiful place Burundi was until I was there. It was truly amazing. I'd have to admit, it's such a fertile land."

Enjoy a look at Nilgun's photos. See the faces of the people, young and old. The smiles are priceless and the colorful garments are quite fascinating. Look further for some pretty scenery. I especially like the ones of the sun shining and setting over Lake Tanganyika. The last image is obviously one taken from the plane as Nilgun departed.

Nilgun continues to work with GAVI Alliance in Geneva, Switzerland. To read more of her life and work, click here. And, for those interested in "all things Nilgun," be on the lookout fairly soon for a peek at one of Nilgun's favorite holiday destinations in her homeland, Turkey.

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