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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vladimir and Back

Ever since Timour's October 2009 visit to Vladimir, I've pleaded with him to be sure to take images of his father the next time he makes a trip there. I wanted to see his dad in front of some of the city's renown architecture.
Timour's dad moved from Tashkent, Uzbekistan to the historical city of Vladimir, Russia sometime last year. I wrote about this move, the historical significance of Vladimir and Timour's '09 visit here. Much to my surprise, just the other day I got an e-mail from Timour and he shared that he had just returned (to Moscow) from his second visit to Vladimir in three months. And, true to his word, Timour captured some images. Above, Timour is standing in front of one of Vladimir's landmarks, the Dormition Cathedral. Below, you can see more images: this time, including Timour's father and step-mom.

On a side note, Timour's late mother - bless her soul - was an inspirational lady that I got to know during my time in Uzbekistan in the 90s. She, along with her mother (Timour's grandmother), treated Uncle Jim and me as royalty when we spent time at their home. I am forever grateful. In fact, I have a video of a very touching toast that she made to me. She was thanking me for befriending her son during his stint as a student at my university.

In the Spring of this year, Timour and his girlfriend Marina are coming for an extended visit to the USA. Two of their stops are going to be Asheville, NC and Headland, AL! I'm cleaning the red carpet, and will be ready to roll it out!

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