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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two Docs in the UK

My great-uncle, Jim Vann, has taken a couple of trips to St. Andrew's, Scotland - each time to go golfing. A few years ago, on one such trip, Uncle Jim was able to meet up with Kobil, an old student of mine during my Tashkent, Uzbekistan days. In fact, Kobil and Bekchan (featured two posts below) were actually classmates at the Tashkent Financial Institute. Sometime in the mid-to-late 90s, Kobil came to the USA to get his master's degree at Vanderbilt University. While in America, Kobil drove from Nashville all the way to Ozark, Alabama, where his car broke down late at night. He was en route to the Wiregrass to stay with me during the Christmas holidays! Once I picked him up, we got the car repairs sorted out and he had a couple of days to rest, I took Kobil to meet Uncle Jim. They then struck up a friendship. A few years later, Kobil went on to obtain a PhD in Economics from a Scottish university and is now a lecturer in Economics at a university in Wales, UK. He, his wife and their lovely kids have been living in Wales for several years now.

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