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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet Aishwarya Rai

This Bollywood star is considered by some to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Here's her website and one of her movies. Have you heard of her? What do you think about her beauty? What about her makes her so lovely?


So good to hear from you.  I read the article about Rai and agree 
with The author that she is very beatiful physically.  I also approve of the combination of modesty and astuteness she projects.  It seems to me that even if she goes to Hollywood, she will be different from many young actresses there because of her poise, intellect, and special ties to her family.
i do find her quite attractive.  i can't see her body but there is a lot to commend her appearance.  i like a full face, kind of "cute" if you will; i like long thick hair, her hair is very nice; her skin tone is also very beautiful, a caramel bronze color.  also, she is not too thin, i like a woman with flesh on her bones.  and her eyes are bright and round.  i've always been attracted to indian women--very beautiful features. 

interesting question...so I decided to see what several in my office thought.  I even checked with several women because I think they might be...you know,"...but I digress.  Anyway, all responders indicated that she is beautiful -- world class beautiful.  As to the question of whether she the most beautiful in the world, no one in my office was willing to make that claim.   Several thought her eye-brows were unnaturally high and that opened up her face.  Many thought she has beautiful eyes.  There is also something about her general look...she has that All American look -- athletic, hearty, etc -- even though she is from India. 

I think there’s an evolutionary explanation to beauty. What men find attractive in women is generally the features that will make them a good pick to mate with to ensure good offspring. Most of features are signs of good health, like long strong clean hair, eyes where the white is really white (that’s why they use makeup to create an illusion of that), proportional symmetrical face, tall, smooth skin, etc. Some features are similar looking to parts that are involved in intercourse, to attract males even more, for example the lips look somewhat like a vagina and breasts look somewhat like butt cheeks. Its a kind of lure that men fall for. In the case of this lady, I find her pretty beautiful, surely above average. She’ not stunningly beautiful to me, but that’s rarely the case with women who are picked out by the general population. And if a lady struggles too hard to make her looks comply with the current standards of beauty I find it boring, and that takes away impression.   I dunno Allen, beauty and women is a complicated subject, at least for me. Surely I turn around in the streets when I see a beautiful woman, but I rarely try to engage in anything with them, because I’ve found that in general these ladies have very little in common with me. I appreciate them though, they light up my life by their presence, but so does beautiful art and music. What Im trying to say is that I would never have a girlfriend only because shes beautiful. That wears off pretty fast.  

one picture is not enough, need to see her from more ngles. plus, 
no idea what is she like in person, that is deciding in my opionion. so, need more info... 

Notice that she has universal traits. She could be any race dude. 
Wow. I'd hit it. ;) 

She gets my vote until the next one comes along. 

To me she's nothing to write home about based on what I see in the pic, for essentially two reasons. For one thing, while her face is certainly nothing to complain about, it's the least important part to me of a woman's body. I look more at T, A, and legs, especially the legs. I'd also prefer that she have Red, Black, or Blonde hair.  That said, how important is beauty anyway? An actor or actress needs to be able to behave like the character in every little move but most people could be made up and costumed to fit any role that is right their body size. And people that pick spouses based on attractiveness often find that as they and their mate age they become less attractive. 

It is an interesting assignment and I thought a long time how best 
to express my opinion about this 'beautiful' face. I would assume that with your knowledge of Thailand and her girls/women you don't honestly think that this face in question is really beautiful. In one BTS carriage you would find a dozen better and more interesting faces than this Indian one. Her face looks empty, it is a made-up face which would be suitable to advertise Nivea lotion but no more. Nothing comes over from this face. It doesn't cause a "wow" when you look at it. there is nothing characteristic about it. Even in Nana Plaza do you find "wow" faces (they might not necessarily be female of course. I admit, Indian ideas what is beautiful are different to Western ideas. the jury could have easily been made up of an Indian majority. this is how she got into the headlines. 

I don't think she is that attractive, or at least in a way that s
he would be "the prettiest girl in the world." On Aisywra Rai -I think people find her exotic and she has a very kind and innocent look -a tenderness that is appealing.  

personally, i think Rai is an absolute knockout and indeed one of the most beautiful women in the world!  "REAL" is an excellent term to describe her (as seen in the interview). she has a great figure, perfect teeth, gorgeous flawless skin, sparkling eyes and a dazzling smile; she doesn't seem airbrushed or fake...her hair is not colored and she doesn't appear to be a victim of plastic surgery or botox. she says looks will fade with age and she is okay with that...i respect the fact that she appears in indian films and is a bollywood goddess but does not take her clothes off and sell herself as a sex object.  i enjoyed the article and have seen her before on some "E" gorgeous person or beautiful body special and i agree...she is amazing!!!

The Universal Science Of Being Beautiful

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  1. Blue eyes and brown hair. Or Brown eyes and blonde hair. Those combinations are almost always stunning.

    Plus, she's got a killer rack.

    Just sayin' . . .