Hiking in the Cinque Terre

Friday, March 20, 2009

Going Out

Kade and I walked down her soi (Thai for small street) and walked over the expressway via a walkover (technically a crosswalk)and then grabbed a bus to go to Central Pinklao, a big shopping mall in Bangkok. We had lunch and did a lot of browsing before walking across (actually over) the street to Major Cineplex. Major Cineplex is a mult-purpose entertainment mall for shopping, karaoke, bowling, yoga and movies. Bangkok movie theaters have some cool features: a lounge where you can sip wine or drink coffee while you wait to enter, honeymoon seating for couples and lovers, a machine where you can purchase your tickets electronically, etc. The most unusual feature is the computer at the ticket window where, if you get your tix the old-fashioned way, you pay at the ticket window and select your seats on a computer screen. It's not just walk in and find a seat! Anyway, back to yesterday. We got us an afternoon coffee at Black Canyon, did some more people watching, caught our breath and then headed back home, this time via taxi.

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