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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Boat Noodles Galore

Those years of living in Bangkok, right dab in the Victory Monument area, I didn't know of this boat noodle spot.  I think the first time I even heard of boat noodles was from one of Mark Wien's vlogs on YouTube.  From there, I got really intrigued by boat noodles, and made a point to put eating some on my to-do list on a future Bangkok trip.  And I did just that in a mall in Bangkok once, at a chain, and I thought they were very tasty.  Later on, when my 2017 trip started taking shape, I came across Bangkok Fatty's YouTube channel.  And one of the videos that caught my attention was the Boat Noodle Alley one near the Victory Monument.  And that was it.  I was going to have more boat noodles.  Kade and I went over to the Victory Monument, and asked a police officer for directions, and he sent us to this restaurant.  Not sure if it was in Boat Noodle Alley, but it was next to a klong (canal), and they had lots of business.  If it hadn't been so hot, perhaps I could have walked the path alongside the klong and seen more boat noodle stalls and restaurants.  In my images, you can tell I was as fascinated by the coconut desserts as I was by the noodles! The beef broth noodles (with blood added!) were really good.  If I had had a bigger appetite, I could have eaten everything on the menu. In the final image, perhaps you can spot me stealing the kitchen secrets!  I also attached  the Bangkok Fatty video that motivated me.

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