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Saturday, May 6, 2017

There It Was!

One thing that was on my list of things to do was to see the newly completed, jaw-dropping MahaNakhon Tower, considered one of the most innovative high-rises in the world.  I had been following its progress for a few years on one of my favorite websites, Skyscrapercity.  Sadly, though, I discovered that it wasn't quite finished  The observation deck and rooftop bar were not ready.  I had to go with Plan B.  My plan was just to try to view it from different vantage points around the city.  As it turns out, MahaNakhon's height and design are so prominent and eye-catching, I didn't have to do much.  The first image I took without really even having to leave the BTS (skytrain) platform.  I actually got off the train at Chong Nonsi Station, and walked onto the first flight of stairs, not even halfway down. There it was!  Another day, I was on the Thonburi side of Bangkok, just down from the shopping mall Central Pinklao, not far from my wife's family home. It was very hot, and I was walking across a footbridge.  It was a Sunday afternoon, and the traffic was bumper to bumper.  I followed the traffic with my eyes until something in the distance revealed itself.  There it was!  When I got back to the USA and started toying around with Google Maps, I believe I discovered that from that spot, MahaNakhon was over seven miles away! Another evening my brother-in-law was driving in Sathorn, and what do you know?  There it was!  I reached over him to take that shot.  And finally, one day on the footbridge near MBK and Siam Discovery, I looked out, and.........

Click here for some MahaNakhon stats.

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