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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Seafood @ Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin, Thailand

In my room in Cha-am, I flipped on the TV one afternoon and surfed some channels.  I found this network showing bull fighting and cockfighting!  Surprised me.  Around the ring were people placing bets, and the network commentator was calling the battles like it was World Cup Football. The bulls didn't fight to the death, but they got close.  After a long struggle, one would give up and run away!  Unfortunately for the cocks, only one walked away.  The other became dinner for the winning cock's family!

Later in the evening, we all ventured out.  Our destination was the Hua Hin Night Market, which was 15 minutes up the road.  The reputation of Hua Hin, in general, has taken some big hits due to well-publicized brawls that have taken place late at night near this famous market.  Some British tourists got severely hurt.  Google it.  Authorities arrested the culprits and they are working to keep the area the safe.  Hua Hin has always been a destinations for families!  With all the other beach destinations in Thailand, it's vital for Hua Hin to turn things around.  I think they will.  But what does Hua Hin have to offer?  It has one helluva night market, with food options galore.  And it was packed with Thais and foreign tourists alike - bigger than anything I remember when Kade and I would jump on buses in our early years of dating and make our way to this seaside town. There was a famous coconut ice cream stall at the night market back then, and we would always swing by.  Hua Hin also has significant historical importance to Thais -  well worth researching. But now on to the night market!

These seafood stalls are pretty amazing!  They are in front of restaurants, and the idea is for you to select what you want, have it weighed, and then talk with chefs about preparing it.  If you want to dine the old-fashioned way and get a table first, you can.  Menus are easy to follow, since they have photos of all the dishes. Prices are also clearly marked.  For the money and quality of seafood, it's truly mind-boggling how well you can eat in Thailand.

Above you can see how busy these restaurants are!  We didn't eat at this particular one, but at one a bit down a bit.  Starting below are images I took of the restaurant we chose.  My favorite part was jumping up and walking back to the seafood display to select some medium and large Tiger Prawns. Take a look at how they grilled them!  In time I will label these dishes with the proper Thai names. But if you know Thai food, certainly the coconut soup stands out.  A general overview:  We had coconut soup with shrimp, steamed calamari in a chili-lime sauce, a fried oyster pancake, clay pot shrimp and noodles, fried fish with a mango salad and grilled tiger prawns with a special hot sauce.

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