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Monday, April 3, 2017

Jump on a Bike

In Sam Roi Yot, if you want to go local, rent a bicycle or take your resort's free bicycle and pedal up and down front beach road. They have bicycle lanes (sometimes blocked by parked vehicles, unfortunately) and a very nice designated walkway and bike route that gets you off the road entirely, if you want to use it.  But Sam Roi Yot is so sleepy and laid-back, bicycling seems very safe.  And it's a great form of exercise!  We went almost three afternoons/early evenings, and I think we totaled about 7 miles. We sweated a lot and laughed a lot and found great photo locations.  So this brings me to the best part of bicycling:  It was a very romantic activity to do with my wife!

One evening we got hungry and searched for a mom-and-pop restaurant that our guide pointed out.  It was Isaan food, which is the country's Northeastern cuisine.  It is comfort food, and you can find it all over Thailand.  This thatched-roof place was right across from the beach, and it served up some tasty food.  And Isaan food is very spicy, by the way.  So, if you want to cut back or keep it on the side, you'd better say so.  Even without the spice, it's good, yet don't be surprised if Thais look at you funny if you request no spice with everything.  And you can drink juices, water or alcohol.  My favorite beverage, though, with Isaan food is a Coca-Cola on ice! 

parked our bikes right next to the table

Hard to beat this view! 

a pork salad

strips of grilled pork (my least fav dish at this restaurant)
Notice the sticky rice in bag.  Isaan foods are very finger-friendly.

two types of spicy papaya salad

a mushroom salad that had some kick

When I saw these scrawny deep-fried wings, I was skeptical.  But they were very good.  And the sauce was quite nice.  Thais eat a lot of chicken, but I am guessing the birds aren't loaded with growth hormones.  So they might just be free-range!

a spicy catfish dish

This street lamp was right in front of the sign, but a hole was already dug on the other side of the walkway for its transfer.  But who knows when this will be done?!?!  In Thailand, as in many places, you see some very odd things.  Almost-complete-construction is fairly common, and excess wiring is another - utility pole to utility pole.  Kade sees things in the USA through a different pair of eyes and, believe me, there's plenty I can't explain to her.  The joys and mysteries of traveling and cross-cultural living!

smile is forming

Views like this are all along the beach.  Picturesque is the word.

off-roading at sunset

For a video of us on bicycles, click here.

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