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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Great Escapes

Where do you go if you're looking to escape the city?  Why not an English country farm (actually, commonly referred to as "the New Zealand of Thailand") just a little over two hours from Bangkok.  If you don't want to fly to New Zealand or if you can't fly there, create it in your own backyard. The owners of this property had a vision, and it's been a popular hit, especially for Thai tourists.

This is a helicopter ride above the property.

Bow, a Bangkok friend of mine, decided to visit The Scenery with her friends.

Here's a good write-up (w/ pictures) of a visit an American made to The Scenery Farm in Thailand.   Adjacent to The Scenery is a property whose theme/design is a Swiss valley.  Here's their resort site.  And to further show you the popularity of exotic themed resorts in Thailand, scroll down for a look.

w/ Bow on a visit to Bangkok

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