Kade kneels next to a stream formed by the San Francisco Glacier, about two hours outside Santiago, Chile.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bread & Butter

Thit (far left), her husband, and their three boys (pictured) are wandering around Manhattan at the moment. Next, Washington, D.C. is on the horizon; then, Orlando. Thit was one of my adult students at AUA in Bangkok. Once she finished the program and I no longer worked at AUA, she tracked me down and asked me to come by and use English with her kids twice a week. Thit paid very well, I might add. Thanks, Thit!  While I was waiting for Kade's permanent resident visa to pass through all the right channels, teaching English (or American, as some say) around Bangkok was my only "bread & butter." The business card below was my introduction. Oh, the lady sitting next to me is just one of Thit's friends. Interestingly enough, the family itself is actually from Burma (officially Myanmar now) and are living in Thailand, where the "man of the house" actually has a very successful business selling and installing sprinkler systems for golf courses.

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