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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Seafood Market & Restaurant, Bangkok


I had lived in Bangkok three years and had not heard of this place, for whatever reason.  But everything changed the weekend Kade and I got married.  A cousin of mine - an Alabama native living in Tokyo! - arrived in Bangkok to attend our wedding, and one of the places that she wanted to take us was to Seafood Market & Restaurant.  She had lived in Bangkok once before, and knew about it.  My great-uncle, who was also in town for the wedding, was part of our little entourage that evening for dinner.  It was this uncle who was most impressed by the experience.  We're talking about someone who has traveled extensively, both in his own country and abroad.  And he's also spent lots of time at the beach, on the Florida coast, where he has a cottage.  His judgment, when it comes to seafood, means something.  All I can say is, when I visit or talk with him, and we start reminiscing about his time in Bangkok back in 2003, he raves about this place.   Apart from the food, which was predictably delicious, what dazzled my uncle was the enormous size of the restaurant, the way it was designed and decorated, the vast (and I mean vast!) array of fresh seafood and produce, the unique way in which you selected the items you desired to eat, how you the communicated exactly how you wanted it all prepared, and then just the sheer number of chefs and woks in the super-sized, semi-outdoor kitchen.  Wow!  Maybe one day we will get to try it again!

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