Kade kneels next to a stream formed by the San Francisco Glacier, about two hours outside Santiago, Chile.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

High Above Hong Kong

This photo was taken in Hong Kong.  Kade and I had taken a trip there with some friends.  To get the best views of the harbor and skyline, we took the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak, which is where this photo was taken.  To see more of our trip to Hong Kong - and to neighboring Macau, the "Asian Vegas" - click here.  My visits to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are my only experiences "in" China.  Since they're actually on the periphery of the country, I can't say I've gotten a true feeling for the real China, a country the size of the United States in land area, and with 4 x the population.  It would be like visiting New York and Miami, and then saying I know the US.  Hopefully one day I can explore mainland China!  Here's a map.

For many years I was a "skyline person."  Still am, I guess.  Perhaps being from a tiny Alabama town, and taking those drives to Atlanta - and later, even living in a smaller "large" city, Birmingham - did this to me.  My brother Mark had even more of this compulsion, so it's likely I also absorbed some of this vibe from him.  Another thing:  When I was young, I would go through some loose family pictures that were in an orange shoe box.  In with the pictures was a postcard Uncle Roby and Aunt Frances had sent us from Chicago.  The postcard was simply a picture of the iconic Sears Tower, then the tallest building in the world.  Seeing something so mighty caught my attention!

From my own travels, I came up with my "top skylines list."  And I have seen quite a number!  I rank them on density, height, surrounding scenery and how modern they look.  There's also the Wow Factor, which is more subjective, of course, but still is a powerful indicator.  It would be like seeing Ava Gardner walking down the street or watching Michael Jordan play ball!  They're standouts!

1.  Hong Kong
2.  New York
3.  Chicago
4.  Singapore
5.  Tokyo

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