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Friday, September 25, 2015

Bangkok's Grand Palace

This is the Grand Palace in Bangkok, residence of Thai kings for many years.  The current Thai king lives in another palace that's not open to the public.  However, The Grand Palace is used for various functions, and it is open to the public the rest of the time.  When Uncle Jim came over, Kade took him by herself over to the Grand Palace while I was working.  Imagine that conversation!  The Anna and the King "tale" took place at the Grand Palace....the real-life version, that is.  The filming of the remake of Anna and the King in the early 2000s (and possibly the original version) was filmed in other countries.  In fact, the movie itself was banned in Thailand because of what they say is an inaccurate portrayal of the events and of the king's role in those events.  The current King of Thailand is the longest reigning and richest monarch in the world, and was born in the USA when his father, brother of the king at that time, was a medical student at Harvard.  The hospital in Boston where the king was born and the homes in Cambridge and on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard where the king lived or stayed as a boy are listed as historical landmarks.  Click here to learn more about the Thai king's connection to Boston.

Thai king - middle, source

His brother, on the left, actually ascended the throne first, only to be killed at 18 years old in a mysterious shooting inside the Grand Palace in Bangkok. 

current Thai king, bottom middle

Kings of the Chakri dynasty, all of whom would have either lived in or worked at the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Enjoy these two videos I made.

Click here for some truly amazing aerial photos of the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.  It's the set of photos under Bangkok City, dated January 26.  Once you find them you can scroll not only up and down, but from side to side, to get full images.

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