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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eating Habits

Here's an excerpt from an e-mail I sent an Uzbek friend who now lives in  Moscow.  I had visited him in Moscow in 2007.

I loved all the fresh foods and the markets in Moscow....amazing really.  Of course, I remember Alaske and Chorsu bazaars in Tashkent.  Loved them!  I tell people that I didn't appreciate eating well until I lived in Uzbekistan that year (1994).  In America, we focus on eating fast and in a hurry.  Often times the food is not prepared fresh due to both parents working and people wanting quick and convenient over healthy.  In Uzbekistan, and then later in Thailand, I learned to slow down when eating, and learned to appreciate eating "as an art."  I loved how you socialized at dinner and didn't have the TV on.  I know times are changing in Central Asia but I hope Uzbeks don't become too Westernized in their eating habits.


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