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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Siam Park City

Circa 2001, Kade and I visited Siam Park City, a water and amusement park in Bangkok.  It was probably my idea.  And we went there on a weekday, right at opening time.  I remember Kade saying the park wasn't as popular anymore and that Dream World had surpassed it.  We went to the water park, which was very impressive.  I didn't know it at the time, but the wave pool is the largest in the world.  After the water park, we walked to Dinotopia, where we saw replicas of dinosaur fossils. 
In doing my research for this blog post, I discovered that Siam Park City underwent major renovations in 2007.  Numerous thrill rides were added, and a huge marketing campaign was put in place to bring back the crowds.  Apparently it has worked!  
Another discovery I made was that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, visited Siam Park City when  he was on his Dangerous Tour in 1993 - incidentally, the time Kade saw him perform in concert in Bangkok.  Click here for more about MJ's Bangkok concert.

Siam Park City these days: 
To see more Siam Park City rides, click here.

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