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Friday, January 16, 2015

Travel & Movies

My cousin in Tokyo (Carol) introduced me to this fascinating movie.  We watched it together in her home in Roppongi.

When you're traveling the way I was, you often have some time to kill.  More often than not, I did it just to take a break, on a hot afternoon.  This movie I saw near Pacific Place mall in Hong Kong. I had gone over to search for movie times. I ended up meeting a young lady from the Philippines, and she and I made an arrangement to return to the theater at a certain time to watch the movie together. 

This was one I also saw in Hong Kong - around the corner from the guesthouse where I was staying. 

I didn't know about the book or even the movie prior to traveling to Thailand.  I'm pretty sure a pirated copy was played on a big TV at a restaurant somewhere.  Viewing movies while or after eating was a common activity for the backpacking set.

Fascinating storyline, and a movie I have seen more than once. Saw it first in a movie theater in Singapore. In fact, while I was sitting there in the theater in Singapore, an Asian girl was on her mobile phone. A Westerner (tourist or expat) jumped up and walked over to her and told her to shut the phone off.

I had returned to Bangkok.   I had met Rung and one of her friends at World Trade Center (today called Central World).  They wanted to see this movie, and I went with them.  Rung worked at Asia Books, and her friend worked in an art gallery.

I saw tons of movies during the six months I traveled around Asia.  Some I saw at movie theaters; many I saw at restaurants.  I will continue updating this post.

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