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Friday, November 7, 2014

Victory Monument

This is the area where I used to live.  It serves as one of the main transportation hubs, linking the Sky Train (BTS) with one of the city's busiest bus stops.  It's an easy place to get back to Kade's family home either by taxi or bus. 

The studio apartment that I moved into in 2000 is not far from the Victory Monument - about a five minute walk.  It's also very close to a park that's popular with those living in the Victory Monument/Soi Rangnam area.  I would go there to walk a few laps and read some books.  I would also use it as a shortcut to get to some of my favorite restaurants.  These days, anytime I return to Bangkok, I usually "get my feet wet" by returning to this area first.  Not only do I get to walk around and reminisce, I find it to be the best area for me to reconnect with the crowds, the noise, the traffic and the energy that such a large city has.  Then once that's done, I jump on the BTS and head to other parts of Bangkok.

Back in 2000!

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