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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bangkok Coffee Shops

Several weeks before our summer trip to Bangkok, I started putting together a bucket list of things to do in the Thai capital.  I read this article on the independent coffee house trends in Bangkok, and it got my brain brewing!  And anyone who knows me, knows I love quality coffee.  My goal was to hit about five or so of these new coffee houses.  I made a video of a stop we made at Café Velodome.  We had hard time finding it at first, and so I asked as a university student if he could point the way.  He ended up walking us all the way there!  And just before we said our goodbyes, he pulled out his iPhone, quickly found me on Facebook and "friend requested" me.  What a world we live in!

There was one other coffee shop we simply walked through.  It was the Too Fast to Sleep Café, a fun place for college students to hang out or even cram for exams.  There were so many cuties in there, I don't think I would have been able to study much!

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