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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wat Hua Lamphong

This is one of my favorite temples in Bangkok.  I like it mainly because of its close proximity to Silom, which provides you with great views of nearby modern highrises.  The juxtaposition of the temple architecture with the tall gleaming office buildings is quite fascinating.  And stepping inside the temple, you're immediately struck by the murals that have this rich burgundy color.  And then there's this shiny, perhaps marble floor that seems to be very atypical for the temples I've seen.  Most are carpeted.  The Buddha image and alter also immediately grabbed my attention, as did the crystal chandeliers that were hanging overhead.  To be in a busy section of the city, the atmosphere was very calming.  Next door, still on the temple grounds, in a smaller temple used for meditation, a monk was leading some chanting.  There was even singing!  There were also several cats wandering around the exterior of the temple - on the steps, and under the bells.  Maybe not 'wandering.'  It was more like their home.  And then there were the buffalos in pens on the temple grounds.  Take a look at the video!







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