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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wat Chakkrawat

We had to revisit this temple because it started raining the first time we went, plus a couple of key buildings were closed.  On the return visit, the weather was nearly perfect, but we still couldn't get access to what looked like the main temple area.  As we strolled the grounds, however, we did find the crocodile enclosures.  Later on, after reading a bit more about the temple after-the-fact, I did realize that we did actually visit the temple area.  It was just much smaller than ones I had seen.
The temple itself actually is rather small, though it does have some interesting features. To the right as you walk through the gate is a small viharn. Its outer wall is decorated in a remarkable black and gold pattern, which is unusual, as usually these decorations are found on interior walls. Most travelers like to visit this place for its serene atmosphere with crocodiles, birds, dogs, birds and relaxed monks. Crocodiles have been living in the small pond beside the temple for about fifty years. At that time, a crocodile that was found in the Chao Phraya River was brought to this temple for the safety of Bangkok's citizens. This original crocodile can still be viewed in the glass case above the pond.  - source




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