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Monday, June 30, 2014

What the World Eats

---This is what a typical family in Kuwait eats in a week---
The book Hungry Planet was featured in TIME Magazine. Hungry Planet's Photo Essay highlights what typical families around the world eat in a week. In this day and age, when issues like health care and obesity and quality of life are thrown about, it might be wise to see what humans put in their bodies. Some cultures have healthier eating habits than others, and this alone could determine the likelihood of getting cancer or contracting diabetes and heart disease. For example, take Japan: a Japanese woman is far less likely to get breast cancer than an American woman, and studies show this is related to diet. Listen to this fascinating radio program explaining how Japanese women use their natural diets to be remain healthy over the course of their lives. To view the Hungry Planet pages in TIME in order to see what's purchased and eaten during an average week in your culture and other cultures, click this link. Also, if the subject interests you further, this link will take you to a fascinating radio program where Hungry Planet is actually discussed. Finally, Peter Menzel Photography published Hungry Planet. The website can be found here.

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