Kade viewing the Ponte Vecchio ("Old Bridge") in Florence

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dining With Locals

Mark and I had dinner with Merete and Jean-Loup, who own a trendy furniture store, Galerie Dansk, in the Le Marais (Paris).  Mark had gotten to know them actually, and introduced me to them.  M&J travel to Thailand very frequently, and say it's one of their favorite places.  In this photo, Merete and I are jostling over a plate of baklava.  This restaurant experience was pretty amazing.  There's a chance I may meet up with M&J later this summer in Bangkok.

Some of the photos below came from this site.  Here's an article that mentions Galerie Dansk.  And to learn the art of Making Friends (and Dinner) in Paris, click here.

That looks like Merete inside!

An invitation to a party they had.

And fairly recent, an Asheville, NC (USA) friend met Jean-Loup at my request! 

Asheville friend meets up with Jean-Loup in Paris

Jean-Loup & Merete on one of their many trips to Thailand
On this this day they went by the Jim Thompson House, where Kade once worked.  They took this photo with one of Kade's former colleages.  Jim Thompson is behind!

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