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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Korean Bathhouses "Jjimjilbang"

I sent this e-mail to an aunt and a few cousins back in 2004, just after a visit to South Korea.  I lost the article link I originally sent them.  Attached another instead.

Ladies back in the USA,
This article gives  a fairly detailed description of what it's like in a Korean bathhouse.  Public bath houses are a place where everyday people go to relax and unwind after a stressful day.  Some are open 24 hours.  And, as with most aspects of Korea, the baths are super nice and exceptionally clean. 
We westerners might find the first visit a tad bit uncomfortable, mainly because we're too modest and don't usually march around naked in front of people we know, much less strangers.    I'd recommend going with a Korean friend the first trip, just so you can learn the routine.  After that, it's a piece of cake.
In Korea (and Japan), visiting a sauna is a true cultural experience that shouldn't be missed.  It's also one of the least expensive pleasures you can find in North Asia.  Enjoy the article.  For the record, there are separate facilities for men.  That's the part I'm most uncomfortable with. 


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