Kade kneels next to a stream formed by the San Francisco Glacier, about two hours outside Santiago, Chile.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bridges, Sunflowers, Grapes

One of the earliest trips I took with Kade's family was to Kanchanaburi (K sounds like G), Suraburi and Lopburi.   At the time, Kade's father was directing a movie in a very scenic part of Kanchanaburi Province, so the plan was for Kade, me, and her mother and siblings to meet him there.  Then, when there was a break in filming, he would take us on to Suraburi and Lopburi, where we could see the vast sunflower fields and tour a vineyard of a family friend. 
In Kanchanaburi, there's something for everyone, from the Tiger temple to national parks to water sports.  And if you want to stay in a fascinating environment, check out the River Kwai Jungle Rafts.  If you have ever heard of "The Bridge on the River Kwai", it's located in Kanchanaburi.  Some of you may only be familiar with the 1957 movie of that same name.  The bridge and the war cemetery are significant World War II sites, and veterans and their families return - the way you would to Pearl Harbor, for example - to walk through history and visit the graves of their comrades.  When you're finished viewing the info below, click here for some fabulous aerial views of the bridge and river.


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 For more of the history of 'The Death Railway", click here.
postcard I mailed home


We did a whirlwind tour.  If I look exhausted, it's because I was!!!!
We drove a car to the sunflower fields, but there are also train excursions.  See the video.

Another stop was to a vineyard.  Above, we're pictured with Kade's brother.  The vineyard is owned by a friend of Kade's father.  The wine and grape juice we served at our wedding dinner party came from this very vineyard.  It may have been a wedding gift.
Another treat was viewing an impressive dam in Lopburi.

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