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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bringing the World Together

Here's a plug I got on the website Russian Ukrainian Adventures:
If you have been or plan to go to Uzbekistan, you understand that it's quite an adventure. There is just enough of Russian influence to make it seem like a Russian experience, but there is definitely a large difference from Russian travel too.

Major Allen Espy is a former English teacher from the USA who lived in Tashkent. Having traveled over a significant part of the globe, he now hosts an active blog about travel in exotic locations and we think that you'll find it very useful for several former FSU countries.

Of particular interest this week was when he received over 500 new photos from Uzbekistan from one of his former Uzbek English students who now lives in the USA but had returned for a trip back to her ancestral home. Although impossible to post 500+ photos, he selected a nice group and made a YouTube video with some of the others. Here is the recent Uzbekistan link: http://majorjourneys.blogspot.com/

Living and teaching in Uzbekistan: http://majorjourneys.blogspot.com/search/label/Living%20in%20Uzbekistan

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