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Monday, August 6, 2012


To the West of Thailand lies Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Myanmar has been in the news of late because relations with the West have improved, and there's been an opening up of political dialogue and an easing of economic sanctions imposed by the West.  Since World War II,  Myanmar has resisted the Westernization that has clearly made its mark in other Asian countries.  Ironically, part of is due to the fact Burma was one of Britain's treasured colonies - a place where teak, rubies and oil were prized - and several wars were brought against the Burmese people in order to gain control of these resources.  Eventually the British gained control of Myanmar, and thus changed the name to Burma.  So, in effect, you could clearly say that the Burmese have already tasted Westernization. Interestingly enough, Eric Blair (pen name, George Orwell) served as a British Imperial police officer in Burma, and wrote the book Burmese Days based on his experiences there.  I've read this book!

Here's a recent NY Times article on Myanmar's tourism "industry." A Japanese friend of mine took a trip there in 2002, and I have posted her photos below. For those interested in temples and Buddhism and life as it was in Asia forty to fifty years ago, Myanmar remains a treasure.  The video I embedded is truly breathtaking.


A Burmese-American lady who works here in Asheville brought back some tea from her last trip to Myanmar, making us very happy. 

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  1. The hat which I wore was my design and made by the local tailor in Sri Lanka. I brought some of them and gave some local people in Myanmar whom I met during trip. Thanks for uploading. Allen, don't work hard.