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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soi Rangnam

Another place where we stayed in Bangkok was Victory Executive Residences (spot the gold-colored building in the image below).  It was located just off of Soi Rangnam and just down from the Victory Monument, two of our favorite areas.  Its street food and restaurant experiences are quite impressive.  We also had easy access to a park and the skytrain.


On the top floor, pool area

w/ two of Kade's friends, Kim and Ping.  Lobby of Victory Executive Residences.

above two images - a coffee shop I loved

Easily one of my favorite places to eat on Soi Rang Nam.  These buildings were sold off and completely redone, and this restaurant moved to another area of the city - out near the old airport.

w/ Doug.  He and his wife, Chef Yim, owned and operated the restaurant.  Doug was an American who knew lots of people, including a few famous ones.  On one occasion, I stopped by his restaurant and he was having a meal with this 1980s star.  I actually got to talk with him.

The following is from an e-mail I sent my brother in 2004:
We're paying 14,000 baht for an entire month at this place (Executive Residences).  That's divided by 40, which is the Thai baht.  About $350.  Well, Mark, the cost of living is phenomenally low, by and large.  In NYC, for cheap digs, and you can forget long-term discounts, it was $55 a night.  And, that place, in no way, other than it was in Manhattan near some cool neighborhoods, comes close to the quality of this serviced apartment.  I just can't put it any more plainly.  Tonight we ate dinner just down the road and the whole thing totaled $6, for both of us.  There was a nice breeze.  An elephant (with the trainer alongside, walked up to the front of the restaurant.  Two British women were sitting at a table nearby.  Btw, the restaurant is owned by a Thai lady named Yim, whose husband, an American from San Fran, works in the bar in the back.  He always gets up and walks around and greets customers.  The food was outstanding.  After Kade went back to her family's house to spend the night, I took the skytrain and then walked to a massage place and got a two hour oil massage for $20.  An Australian couple and another Australian man were in other partitioned off "rooms" enjoying their massages.  I heard one say he was sore because of lifting heavy bags and traveling 12 hours. 12 hours ain't so bad!
Chef Yim, right.  And a couple of images of her new restaurant.  I'm sure the food is good!

This is my latest video of Victory Executive Residences - taken from the 15th Floor.  2013.

I was wearing a mask because I was recovering from the H1N1 virus!

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