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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shopping: a Thai Sport.

This is "sidewalk shopping" near Pinklao Mall and Major Pinklao Cineplex in Bangkok.  Kade's home is within a mile or two of here.  When I lived in Bangkok this was one of my regular areas.  I could count on visiting Starbucks, seeing a movie and buying countless knickknacks and snacks before catching a taxi or bus back to Kade's home.  On our visit to Thailand earlier this year Kade bought some clothes while I mainly focused on spotting foods and videoing.

Another area that has now become a big, big place for sidewalk shopping is Siam Square.  You would think that Thais would be content with merely shopping in the various trendy stores that make Siam Square a fashion hotspot in Asia.  However, when those store doors are closed, more merchants and entrepreneurs take their trades and goods to the people out on the street.   It's truly an electric atmosphere when Thais go shopping!

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