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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Return Home

Shahnoza, one of my students in Tashkent waaaaayyy back in 1994, is now married and living in the United States. She and her husband have an adorable young boy. Just this past year, the family got on a plane and flew to Uzbekistan. It was the first time Shahnoza had been home in ages. She got to see her mom, countless other relatives and many, many old friends. When she returned to the U.S., I got an e-mail asking me to review some images she had taken on their trip. 564 images! I was thrilled to look through them, because I knew it would certainly jog my memory of places I'd been and foods I'd eaten. Below, I picked out ten random photos that represent a great idea of what Uzbekistan is like. You can spot Shahnoza, her husband and their baby in image one. At the very end of this post, I put up a video using a wider selection of Shahnoza's pictures. Enjoy!

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